Divij Shah is a MUN enthusiast and has been MUNing since almost 3 years. Currently in his 3rd year of CSE, he wishes to solve problems that the world faces using technology. In his free time, you will find him reading some book or listing to music. Divij has served at various posts in organisations like U&I, AIESEC and Uddeshya. If he is asked one of his favorite quotes, he would tell you it is, “Leaders become great, not because of their power, but because of their ability to empower others.” Serving as the Secretary General for the 7th edition of TCET MUN, Divij looks forward delivering the most unforgettable conference for everyone present.



At first you will be acquainted with someone who’s demeanour is self-effacing, congenial and polite but further you won’t be able to disprove to the fact that he’s the one with a razor sharp mind. He’s known for his ability to kill problems softly. His composure is laudable and highlights his persona. Presently pursuing Mechanical Engineering at TCET he has an exemplary mindset and believes in the power of hard work and perseverance. He has a keen interest in International law and relations, he’s also a fervent viewer of news and stocks. Presenting to you the Director General for TCET MUN 2017, Sumit Barbhaya who’s still waiting for the Rover in his garage.




Aditi Jain is currently in third year of electronics engineering.She is an enthusiastic MUNner. Apart from MUNning,she is also a tennis player.She loves watching tennis and Game of Thrones as well.A highly optimistic person,she is the one filled with energy all the time and lights up the place everywhere she goes. As Under Secretary General-Public Relations for TCET MUN, she will make sure communication is never a problem for delegates and the executive board members. She is looking forward for making this conference an unforgettable experience for every participant





From being plain bashful to being exceptionally loquacious, she switches her moods briskly. With her commendably attuned communicative proficiency, she’s cordial and reckons worth to an ongoing conversation. Her absolute dedication and clever articulation makes her a go to girl for all the problems.

She has been productively involved in organising the 6th edition of TCET MUN where her journey started. She has also served at DBM Maharashtra MUN 2017 and is presently serving at…Teach for India MUN 2017. She believes that nothing can substitute experience which indeed is her only source of knowledge. Her strengths lie in dealing with problems with a cheerful disposition while her weakness are dimpled smiles and just cars. She’s also an autodidactic writer who reads a lot, ranging from POPxo to Beau Taplin. Presenting to you the Under Secretary General for Delegate Affairs, Mrinal Bageshwari.



Saloni Shetty,19, presently in pursuance of Computer Engineering from Thakur College of Engineering and Technology, believes that besides having the essential skills of an administrator such as technical oversight, time management, organizational skills, the significance of an enliven atmosphere weighs much more for the smooth functioning of the committee. She possesses the gift of being a highly articulate student along with her passion regarding every task she takes up. With her excellent virtues of oratory skills and her affable and approachable attitude, she makes a quintessential member for the team .Here’s presenting you our USG- Administration for TCET-MUN 2017. 




Currently in his third year of pursuing CSE at TCET, Abhishek Chauhan is not new when it comes to MUNs. After participating as a delegate in a few conferences, what really caught Abhishek’s eye, unlike others, was the entire management of the MUN Conference. With a high sense of responsibility, strong commitment and great work values coming naturally to him, being a part of the MUN organizing committee didn’t pose much of a challenge for him as he was able to execute his duties as the Research Head for TCETMUN 2016 with utmost perfection. However this year, Abhishek has an added responsibility, as he will be your Head of Research and the Head of Hospitality for TCETMUN 2017.





Dhanshree Kolhe, 18, is pursuing Computer Engineering in TCET. If you do talk to her, you’ll definitely come across the story of her anchor being in engineering while she rows the Actuarial Sciences boat. She’s a chirpy little nightingale. At times quirky, at times a cradle of calmness. Deeply passionate about Bharatanatyam, she dances her way through life. Currently obsessed with Mithila Palkar and has curly locks like hers too Always interested in the whereabouts around the globe and being a strong minded girl she’s set to give her all as the USG- Finance of TCET-MUN’17






Currently pursuing Mechanical Engineering, Tanishk Mittal is a MUN enthusiast and one of the newest faces in the MUN circuit. Describing Tanishk, he’s one of the most vibrant people in the organising committee room. With his strong work ethic, he not only gets his job done but also motivates his peers. For him, MUNs are all about an intellectually charged debate and a great hospitality. Serving as the Marketing Head for the 7th edition of TCET MUN, Tanishk looks forward to continue the legacy set by his predecessors.