A Word from our Founders


Pratik Parasampuria
In 2012 when we started as Zephyr MUN, we realized the potential that our college has to do great in the Mumbai MUNning circuit. Since then we have grown and have had participations from all around the globe, offering a global exposure to all the participants in TCET-MUN. So join us and help make a difference in the world


                                                                                                                                                                                                   Roopam Mishra                                                                                                                                                                                                Co-founder

At TCET-MUN we aspire to give one of the best MUNning experience by having the highest quality of debate among the students from all around the world. I also believe in the fact that any MUN is a platform for us to contribute towards having a substantial change in the current world through quality discussion. Happy MUNning!



Avinash Iyer 


 There are many challenges that our world faces today and we at TCET-MUN have believed that a student forum like MUN is a perfect platform for discussing them and coming up with constructive solutions. It also gives a great opportunity for youth to not only voice their opinion on global agendas, but also develop their personality as individuals.